More and more waste is being separated and recycled, and less rubbish is being burnt or dumped. In Switzerland it is illegal to burn rubbish outdoors (there are a few exceptions to this rule). Everything you need to know and do at a glance on

Houshold waste

In most places in Switzerland, household rubbish disposal and collection is charged for. Household refuse (except dangerous and cumbersome items, batteries, sofas, electrical appliances etc.) in theory, is only to be collected if it is in bags which either have a payment sticker attached, or in official bags with the surcharge paid when the bags are purchased at the cash register of several stores (e.g. coop, Migros, Post office).

In Zurich they are called Züri-Säcke. Their volumes are 17, 35, 60 or 110 liter.

A guide to waste

Please find the information on the disposal of a wide variety of waste materials here.


The garbage bags will be picked up once two twice per week. Please find the personal garbage calendar of Zurich.

This waste disposal calendar explains you (in German), how to dispose your waist. Despite the fact that it is in German you might still be able to figure out how to dispose your waist correctly.