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The stores are usually closed on Sundays except for the ones, located at main train stations or at the Internationel Airport Zurich (you could also buy food at some gazoline stations. Some are opened 24/7/365). The stores are opened from Monday to Friday until 6.30 to 8pm, and on Saturdays until 4 to 8pm. Please check your local stores for more information.

A choice of groceries


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Making cheese on the Swiss alps

The cheese making has a long tradition in Switzerland. On the alps they only do conventional cheese like goat cheese, Ziger and whey. The following movie is about the cheese making in the canton Uri:

Film: Team, Zurich

A favorite blog of Swiss recipes

Delicate recipes and handy tips on how to make dishes faster, easier and more delicious. This blog called SweetHome is in German, however, it is a worthwile trip not only for cooking inspiration.

The Swiss Cookbook

Betty Bossi has been the heart and soul of Swiss cooking for over 50 years. So it was high time to make a collection of some of the country’s most traditional and delicious recipes. The result is «The Swiss Cookbook». It features typical specialities from every canton and region. They will also be giving you an introduction to characteristic Swiss ingredients. Read more →