April april, it is time to prepare your garden and terraces for plants. Urban gardening, colorful plants, garden furniture. Get inspired by the following gardening ideas.

Urban Gardening

Sweet tomatoes, hot chili pepper, and fresh mint – who is not dreaming of a small vegetable and herb garden at home? Veg and the City shows in workshops how you can get your own urban garden on your balcony and window ledge.

Gartencenter Bacher

The Gartencenter Bacher in Langnau am Albis sets garden trends since 75 years. Plants, gardens, and landscape gardening are their passion. Creativity, individuality, top quality, and comprehensive services are their means to inspire you.

They assist you in your urban gardening project, design and make your terrace arrangement, offer a wide range of premium garden furniture, and are known for their coffee by a local roasting facility.

Trendmagazin Gartenidee

Planning and designing of the garden are the main subjects of this unique magazine. It further publishes major garden coverage, inspiring practice tips and background information about plants, materials and techniques around gardening. The Gartenidee is published biannual.

Tessiner Impressionen

Herbarella presents the gardens and the fascinating people of the canton Ticino.