How to import your car and how to obtain a Swiss license

Importing a car

Unassessed vehicles (on which duty has not been paid) must be spontaneously declared to Swiss Customs at the border. The customs declaration can be made only at a customs office for merchandise and only during clearance hours. If you wish to clear customs at an inland office, the Customs or Border Guard staff will issue a temporary certificate (form 15.25), which is valid for the subsequent two working days. Read more →

Detailed information can be found here (available in German only).

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Swiss driver’s license

You have to apply for your Swiss driver’s license within one year after your arrival either at the road traffic department of the canton you life in, or at the Resident’s Registration Office of your place of residence. If you don’t understand the German websites of the road traffic departments, please ask your local Resident’s Registration Office on how to apply for it.


– List of the official car importers whit links to their website where you find a “Händler” close by your home.

Do it yourself garage

Driving Schools and Driving Instructors