Various Insurances

Health Insurance

The health insurance is paid by each individual and constists of a mandatory basic insurance and of a complementary insurance. You need to get it within the first weeks after your registration (at the Resident’s Registration Office).

Swiss social insurance system

… information for foreign nationals. This pamphlet explains the elements of the Swiss social insurance systems, i.e. the Swiss old-age, survivors’ and disability insurance (AHV/IV, 1st pillar) and the occupational benefit plans (2nd pillar). It gives you practical information when planning your definitive departure from Switzerland.

Personal insurance consultation

[icon style=”phone” color=”red”][/icon] If you wish to get a personal consultation from an independent insurance and financial adviser, we recommend you to contact Markus Künzli (he speaks English et français), phone number: +41 44 421 77 45.

Zurich Insurance has an English hotline 24/7/365 and offer their insurances and financial services in English. Please contact Matthias Lauber (he is fluent in English). His phone number is +41 44 387 73 86.