Moving abroad with children can be challenging. On this post you find answers to your questions about the right school, the closest children’s doctor, on how to find a nanny, and where to I find information on family trips.

Children safety car seats

Good children safety seats for the car properly applied protect the life of your child. Read here (page 6), how you can protect your child when driving in your car.

Going local – your guide to Swiss schooling

Deciding where to educate your children is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Figuring out an unfamiliar school system in a new community in a new language can be overwhelming – that’s where this book comes in. Read more →

Public School

The education system in Switzerland is very diverse, because the constitution of Switzerland delegates the authority for the school system mainly to the cantons. The Swiss constitution sets the foundations, namely that primary school is obligatory for every child and is free in public schools and that the confederation can run or support universities. Read more →

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International Schools (a choice)

ICS Inter-Community School – in Zumikon

ZIS Zurich International School – in Wädenswil, Kilchberg and Adliswil

ISZL International School of Zug and Lucerne

Lycée Français Marie Curie de Zurich – in Gockhausen


A list of the pediatricians in Switzerland.

Nanny and Household help

Perfect Way is a consulting agency for private households, and is established on the market since 1995 and negotiate with great care and conscientious workers in private households. Perfect Way is a very personal and confidential agency. They distinguish themselves through their personal service, long experience and outstanding commitment.

Family Trips

Whether it is research and discovering, hiking or enjoying nature, or doing sport and having fun – here you find a big choice of possibilities.

Find your ideal family adventures from more than 1,000 excursion ideas throughout Switzerland. The Family Trips – available as an app – will suggest a wealth of fun days out for the whole family: