Moving to Switzerland with dogs, cats or ferrets

The online help provided by the Federal veterinary office (FVO) offers a practical way to figure out what the rules are relating to bringing pets into Switzerland. Go to the online help →

Import from third countries: The regulations for entering Switzerland from a third country differ according to the rabies risk in the country you are coming from. In all cases it is vital for animals first to be marked correctly, then to be vaccinated against rabies and to be accompanied by the documents required in the specific case. More extensive requirements apply if the animal is entering from a country in which there is a risk of rabies (blood test, longer waiting times, import licence, etc.).

Transport of your pet by ground and air

ACE Pet Moving GmbH offers a wide range of services including all the information about the documentation required for the transport of your animal. Their staff has extensive experience with preparing, organizing and finalizing international animal transport by ground and air. Read more →

Obligation to register and getting the dog license fee

All dogs in Switzerland are required to carry clearly identifiable and forge-proof chips (transponder) and must be registered with the Animal Identity Service (ANIS).

All communes charge a dog licence fee, which varies from commune to commune. Please register your dog upon your own registration at the Resident’s Registration Office. They will inform you about the price.